Youth Sport Trust – Girls Active

The Girls Active programme is the result of a research study undertaken by the Youth Sport Trust into understanding what motivates girls to take part in physical activity. The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity, passionate about creating a brighter future for all children and young people through the power of sport.
We met with the key stakeholders in the project to understand the target aims and outcomes. Our job was to interpret and design a visually strong, user-friendly and appealing resource from what was a huge piece of research that included case studies, tutor notes, handouts, as well as PowerPoint presentations.


Art Direction
Layout and Design
Artworking and Proofing

How we did it

The target group was teenage girls so the look and feel needed to be appealing to this audience, whilst remaining inclusive. We consolidated all the information into a logical and user-friendly structure for lesson purposes. Now in its third edition we have consolidated the information in the resource into a cover sheet, a loop stitched booklet/ guide for the teachers, 20 double-sided lesson cards for the students which are contained in a custom sized plastic folder, all of which is all housed in the printed ring binder.

What were the key successes?

Originally piloted with 20 schools, they now have over 200 schools on the Girls Active network and are expected to support a further 250 schools in 2018. A post-intervention survey indicated that after the start of the Girls Active programme and use of the resource within schools, highlight a positive change in the girls’ attitudes towards sport and physical activity.